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Amanda + Chris

Chris is headed off to central Asia.  It’s always so hard for couples to be separated, however, it’s even harder when this couple has only been married a bit more than a year.  As volunteers, Amanda and I were randomly paired up to run an English conversation group.  This last year (both of us had our first year in Belgium) we met so many lovely ladies.  Through our Tuesday morning meetings, we became friends and I was thrilled to take some photos of Amanda and Chris to celebrate their time here in Belgium.  If you’ve spent any time here, you know it rains all the time.  As a photographer, I love the rain and the gorgeous light here in Belgium, but I know as a lady, you might not want to get all wet trying to do a photo shoot.  We were able to duck the rain and shot the entire shoot in about 20 minutes.  Thanks, Amanda and Chris, for letting me document a bit of your love story.  Best wishes and safe travels, Chris!



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Cathy is a fellow board member on the SHAPE International Women’s Club and was the first to welcome me to Belgium.  I was thrilled to take a couple minutes to help her update her social media presence!



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Naveen and I met over ten (!!) years ago while in graduate school together in Colorado.  We’ve stayed in touch and have been fortunate enough to meet up over the years.  For awhile Naveen was living in Paris while we were in Italy and we got to spend a lot of time together.  He’s back in Colorado now working at Vail but still pops over to visit every so often.  Naveen asked me to do an updated photo for his professional social media presence and I was happy to do it.  We were very lucky since we were burgled right before our shoot and luckily the camera was spared!  (RIP my beloved Kindle.)



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AWAG {Benelux 2016}

I love being asked to speak at conferences.  I can’t even tell you how much I miss teaching my photography classes.  Being asked to present on photography at the first Benelux AWAG Conference was wonderful.  (Obviously there are no classes of me presenting!)  Thanks to Cynthia and Theresa for welcoming me and I was happy to take some LinkedIn profile photos of the attendees to boot!


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Boyle Family

This family exudes joy and laughter.  From the beginning of the shoot to the end, there were smiles, laughs, tears, hugs, and fun.  From the new cat to the trampoline, these kids were headed in ten different directions.  Julie must be the most organized person I have ever met and I immediately went home and straightened up.  I couldn’t believe how clean and neat her home was with the kids, dog, and new cat (and truthfully, I now know that I have no excuse for piles of mail on the counter and full laundry baskets).  And there is nothing better than getting a proper “cuppa” tea by a lovely British family.  Thanks for the lovely chats and cuppa, Julie.  I truly enjoyed spending time with your lovely family.



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